Friday 29 January 2010

Pieces of broken ceramics found along the Thames

Above is the completed painting of a selection of pieces of broken ceramics I found while walking along the banks of the Thames. I have recently discovered that they have a name for it called Mud larking, there is a pub named after it at Borough market and a club of people who spend most of there time at low tide with a shovel and a metal detector searching for old lost treasures in the city center. I enjoyed doing this painting because of all the little details on some pieces of ceramics contrasted with ruff messy painting for others. I recommend you click on the image to see those little details I am talking about.


  1. wonderful wonderful work Daniel!!!
    your blog is now listed at TAD
    Please consider adding a TAD badge/link to your blog ..thank you
    cheers Kim

  2. Thanks Kim I have added TAD to my blog. DAN.