Monday 8 February 2010

A portrait of a clown I met in Cordoba

The above portrait of a clown is the first of a potential 50 paintings for my "Portrait project".
I met the clown man in a hostel I was staying at during my time in Cordoba Spain January of 2008. When I first met him I was wondering to myself why does he have a residue of white powder all over his face? But at the time I didn't enquire about it. A few days later I was walking across an old Roman bridge when I saw this clown and after a few moments I realised it was the same guy. He would stand there like a human statue and when someone dropped a coin in his hat his hand would quickly shoot out presenting you with a lolly! I took a photo of him while he was having a cigarette break and found out he was from the Netherlands and had been traveling around Spain for quiet a long time living from being a clown. For the life of me I cannot remember his name? or do I have his contact details to let him know at long last I have done the portrait of him that has been on long list of things to paint for over a year now!

Click on the above image for a better view...

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