Friday 30 April 2010

Life drawing.

This is the first life drawing I have done in a while that I am really happy with. It is good when you do a pen drawing that doesn't need to be coloured in.

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Art day at Ian's studio #3

Wednesday is becoming a ritual painting day at Ian's studio. Today we did still life painting and I was really happy with how the painting in my journal turned out (top photo). The style reminded me of some of my favorite paintings I have done called The Chaotic Kitchen from 2006.
Above is an attempt at an oil painting of flowers in the grass, inspired by flowers I saw growing at Cambridge. I find using oil paint difficult and I am not used to using the medium anymore. I think I prefer acrylics with the fast drying, easy over painting and dry brush effects you can get.

Monday 26 April 2010

The Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs is in Cambridge and I went punting under it during my visit there yesterday. I liked Cambridge in the spring time. The college gardens and architecture are beautiful and I found many subjects to draw and photograph for potential paintings.

Thursday 22 April 2010

Under the Willow.

This Willow tree is at my favorite park next to a lake. I was fortunate to be there when a swan swam up and started to eat leaves from the tree, and in that moment I had a painting.

This painting is 70 x 90cm and acrylic on canvas. Click on the image to enlarge for details.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Painting day at Ian's studio.

Once a week Ian and I like to get together and do some painting. It is nice to work in a real studio and Ian is stocked up big time with art supplies! But I still bring my own stuff and sometimes other artists come along. Bashar (the girl in the middle photo) was working on a picture of a space city with a moon and other planets around it. She said she likes painting because she finds it relaxing and she doesn't think to much, kind of like meditation. Ian is working on a big picture of a bird on a branch a tree looking at the sunset. And today I finished a picture that was specially requested and art directed by my Mother.

Friday 16 April 2010

Friday at Greenwich Market.

Today was my first day trying out my print stall at Greenwich market on a Friday. It was a bit slow and I sold 1 print which was able to cover the stall cost. But if anything at least it is advertising my artwork and letting people know I sell originals at the market on a Sunday as well. I may do a few more Fridays because it is quiet cheap and you never know I might get that lucky strike that I could well do with!

Thursday 15 April 2010

Self portrait

I painted this picture in my friend Ian's art studio as part of our weekly oil painting art day. It has been a longtime since I have used this type of paint. It is quiet smelly but working with it is a luxury. This picture is called 27 and is apart of an idea I have of doing 1 self portrait each year. So when I put them next to each other I can see how I have gradually aged throughout my life.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Days like these...

On days like these it is best to lay on the grass soaking up the sun at your favorite park. You would be mad to spend the day inside if you have a choice in the matter. So on days like these we will paint late into the night instead.

Friday 9 April 2010

Flowers I found.

I found the purple flower on the ground near the storage area at Greenwich market and the orchid I found in the gutter on Haymarket st in London CBD. I like picking up lost or discarded flowers and putting them in water. It is like giving them a second life. You get to seem them bloom and draw them.

Thursday 8 April 2010

Daisy field.

In a park near my house along the Thames there are hundreds of little Daisies blooming. I have had it in mind to paint them and I have finally got around to doing it today because the weather is just so damn good!

Wednesday 7 April 2010

My friend in the morning.

This above painting on paper is a development of an old painting of my long lost coffee pot I had in Melbourne around 2006. I have reproduced this image to make a print to sell at the markets. I think a lot of people can relate to this image and see coffee as their friend in the morning that helps them wake up. But truth be told I am really a tea man and one of the first things I do when I get up in the morning is make one.

Sunday 4 April 2010

Fresh fragrant air in jars.

After finding this article (collaged on image) I was inspired to put my little twist on it. I had a brief exploration into all the possibilities of different types of fresh air you can put into jars.

Click on the image to be able to read the article.